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Delos Team Members

Kenny J Owens Interests - Delos Team Members

Mr Kenny Owens uses the Napoleon Hill "Go the Extra Mile" approach to choose
those extrodinary individuals who really perform above and beyond the"call of duty"

Kenny says, When he was down on his luck, they overlooked his sins, overlooked his
shortcomings, overlooked his weakness, amd demonstrated care and love beyond measure
and that they truly cared for him (and others) and believed in his dream. When he seemed
completely down and out, like the rising phoenix rising from the dust they were the inspiration for this
truly amazing story of comeback of the ages. Follow these amazing citizens as the Delos Plan unfolds.

Kenny is forever grateful and considers it a blessing and a great honor and priveledge to
have witnessed the Almighty assemble this Team. God Speed ahead!

Kenny J Owens - Team Leader
Mr. "Big John" Jamail - Team Mentor and Senior Partner
Eric Owens - Chief Medical Officer
Donna Owens - Senior Team Advisor
Donna Adam - Senior Team Advisor
Mitch Sadler - Executive Team Advisor
Mike Holsey - Executive Team Advisor
Perry Podaras - Executive Team Strategist
Alex Guettierez - Executive Team Advisor
Tara Wirt  -  Senior Executive Assistant
Wanda Atchley - Senior Personal Assistant
Trish Perryman - Senior Wholistic/Alternative Advisor

Bozena Krzyzek - Senior Chicago Assistant
Bob Sandman - Business Plans Development
Lisa Brown - Personal Assistant
Roger Garcia - Video Producer
Trini Cerda - Chief of Security
Liudmila Dunaeva - Senior Houston  Assistant
Kenny Weldon - Senior Team Advisor
Brandon Johnson - Personal Motovation Fitness Training
Jim Butler - Personal Motovation Promotions - Lectures
Troy Fletcher - Web Design
Harvy Williams - Executive Caucus Member
Hazel Cordero - Executive Spanish Assistant
Jonathon Zwickel - Senior Financial Advisor
Jonathon Stapp - Senior Chicago Assisant
Brian Draper - Senior Political Contributor
Michael Priest - Senior Advisor & Official KO Biographer
Randy Levy - Senior Robotics Design
Steve Perez - Senior Logistics Design
Robert Mayer - Senior Software Developer
Deborah  Payne - Promotions & Senior Caucus Member
Wendy  Turner - Promotions & Senior Caucus Member
Bryant Turner - Director of Training & Senior Caucus Member
Youlanda Brittany - Promotions & Senior Caucus Member
Barrett Fontenette - Youth Leadership Advisor
Tonya ? - Senior ????? Advisor and Team Leader
Eden ? - Agent - Publicist