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Gratitude Capitalism 
Graditude for ideas and inspiration
A business creating business
Sharing with those who make a difference in our efforts

Attention Investors - An opportunity coming soon

After years of work, the framework is near completion.
The Delos Plan comprised of three domains of operations
Humanitarian - Delos Foundation
Gratitude Capitalism - Kenny J Owens Interests LLC
Patriot Capitalism - Delos Corporation

Initial efforts will center on speeches, workshops, seminars, book publishing, infomercials, and on-line courses

Executing the Delos business in a planned, multi-spectrum, in a phased unfoldment approach, step-by-step,
stage-by-stage, as the momentum calls, scaling to fit market conditions, a prosperity vision unfolds.

Start-ups, Aquisitions, Mergers, Analysis, Consulting, Consolidations, Foundations, Turn-arounds,
Streamlining, Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Advanced Innovative Manufacturing, Robotics, Publishing,
Full Sprectrum Media Creation, Prototype Design, Software Development, Legal and Filing Services,
Human Resources, High Paying Careers, etc

Introducing The "Delos Life Science" Technology - utilizing The Delos Plan and The Delos Vision. After a 50
year investigation, perfecting, as did Thomas Edison who went through 10,000 failures before he
successfully creating the 1st electric light we now have a formula, an equation if you will, with a mechanism, a
structure to actually actualize your dream into existence called - Structure for Fulfilment which unlocks
the secrets of and utilizes essentially the expertise of knowing that knowledge by which all other
knowledge is known

We connect inspired, highly motivated individuals regardless of their past, beginnings, background,
of any gender, faith, creed, caste, high and low alike, who are looking for the favorable attention of those 
who  can and really do identify, recognize, brand and promote, and make opportunity available for
the truling deserving. If this speaks to you, if thise words give you a sense of inspiration, answer the calling!

This help in assisting in reversing the downward slide of culture, and turning around the economies and
struggling peoples of the world.

Unique, Futuristic, and Innovative Ideas to bring forth the solutions, products, and services of the
future, to us today. We Plan on Creating Thousands of Businesses in the next 10 years
A Vision of Prosperity you can apply to your own Business.

Teaming up with Innovative Bankers and Investors, Enlightened Management Teams, and Awesome, Vibrant Employees
Send us your ideas and you could be selected to place your dreams into actual existance.

Advanced Genetics, Food, Soil Research
Incredible Wellness Solutions for Mankind
Advanced World Class Bodywork
Delos Structure for Fulfillment
Seeking Visionary Mastermind Partners
World Class Track Record

Truly Life Changing, Transforming, & Motivating
This is the place for those who want to participate
in the LLC monetarily, as a philanthropist, an investor,
or an employee or volunteer.

COMING SOON! - The DELOS Wellness Vision!
Join the Wellness Revolution - Partner in Wellness

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The Delos Wellness Plan

Kenny's Son Eric Table Tennis Spots  and  Eric Winning US Mens Title - Match Point

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Kenny J Owens - Innovation Pioneer

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